Ire Didara Workshops
Ire Didara refers to the blessing of uplifted health.
The time is now. The moment is here. We are the ones we have been waiting for.
Introduction to Qi Gong


I am pleased to announce that Baba Yinka Kevin will facilitate an Intro to Qi Gong workshop on Sunday, 9/29/19 in Newark, New Jersey. Baba Kevin brings us 21 years of experience in spiritual and wellness modalities. He is Founding Priest of Lukumi Temple of Healing Light in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which is dedicated to the spiritual arts. Baba Kevin is initiated to the Orisa Obatala for 21 years. He is a spiritualist, Qi Gong Teacher, and a respected diviner of tarot and Dilogun. 


This 2-hour introductory demonstration will share the foundations of qi gong for healing and wellness. 

We all can benefit from this energetic tool in all areas of our lives.  We all can benefit from resources that help amplify and focus our ase. I hope you will participate and pave the way for a series this autumn. Space is limited so please send the donation to reserve your place. First come, first served. Text or call 908.671.1674 with any questions.

You will receive the workshop address after registration.

Here are some of the reasons for Qi Gong practice:

Health and wellness
emotional relief
martial arts preparation
healing yourself or others

Take a moment to reflect on your main reason for practice. Make room for revelations, answers, and tools.

Let us join together to access more ancient wisdom for our betterment.

We hope to see you there.