Art Show 2018
Here's what happened..._I took these bru

Here's what happened...


On Saturday, December 8, 2018, I hosted an art show and celebration. It was a lovely event.   



Thank you to every spirit that helped make this event possible. You answered my prayers and guide me forward.

Special thanks to Ajike and Doreen for all your work to nourish and energize everything you touch. None of this would be possible without you. I love you both tremendously.

Thank you to all the kindred friends who helped me with encouragement, affirmation, and time: Akhaji, Tamara, Joanne, Britney, Samantha, and Saree

Thank you, Karen Joseph, for blessing us with your music.

I took these brushes and some paint. I made art and reconnected with my soul. Then I shared my art, good food, beautiful live music, and my whole heart with great people. I loved it all! They loved it. I am an artist.


Check out the photos from the art show. Click the link to buy some beautiful art.

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Photos by Tamara Cress.

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